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Damage to your Tesla

Comprehensive insurance

Covers your vehicle for accidental material damage, windscreen or damage due to vandalism, fire or theft, including towing services
in the event of glass breakage only
in all other cases
in the event of glass breakage only
in all other cases
in the event of glass breakage only
in all other cases
Tesla battery cover

Battery cover

Repair or replacement of the damaged battery, up to £10,000
Tesla charging equipment

Charging equipment

Covers against sudden and unforeseen damage up to £5,000
due to an animal bite
due to an accident
due to animal bite
due to an accident
Tesla new value compensation

New value compensation

In the event of a total loss, we will reimburse you for the cost of buying the vehicle new.
Up to 12 months after the car registration date
Up to 24 months after the car registration date
Essential Preferred Complete

Comprehensive insurance

Covers your Tesla against fire, theft, bris de vitres and more


Up to €20 million

Material damages

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Battery Cover

Against damage

Key replacement

Up to €300

New value compensation

100% reimbursement in case of a total loss

Comprehensive insurance

Covers your Tesla against fire, theft, bris de vitres and more.

Comprehensive insurance

Covers your Tesla against fire, theft, bris de vitres and more.

1 The excess is based on the number of months of driving experience you have and your NCD rating (no-claim discount).
2 The excess is £200 (repair) or £300 (replacement) with an approved repairer and £400 in either case with a non-approved repairer.
Please read the Insurance Product Information Document and/or the General Conditions before purchasing a policy.

Some examples of exclusions

We do not provide a courtesy car.

General roadside assistance, such as for a flat tire, is not included. It is limited to towing services after an accident.

Other situations that are excluded:

  • Drivers over 70 years old (more info)
  • All drivers not mentioned on your motor insurance certificate
  • If you don't pay the insurance premium
  • If the vehicle does not pass the roadworthiness test (no valid MOT certificate)
  • Damage resulting from an intentional act by the insured
  • Delivery or commercial use of the vehicle (Business Class 2, 3 and Commercial Class are excluded)
See the complete list of exclusions in the General Conditions.

Some Examples of Exclusions

Bodily injury to the driver

Damage resulting from wear and tear and lack of maintenance

Damage to objects carried by or equipment fallen off the vehicle

Tesla key replacement

Theft committed with your lost key or a key left behind in your Tesla

theft committed by a family or staff member of the policyholder or insured person

Assistance does not pay for services that have not been arranged by us or that have been performed without our consent

Other Exclusions

The complete list of exclusions is available in the General Conditions.

Taking your vehicle abroad?

It is important to note that your insurance does not fully extend to foreign countries. In some cases, you might also need to provide a proof of insurance abroad. Reach out to us and we will be happy to provide you with the necessary insurance certificate.

Your mandatory Third Party Liability coverage remains intact in the countries listed on your Certificate of motor insurance.Any member state of the European Union (EU) and Andorra, Bosnia - Herzegovina, Gibraltar, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland)

However, your vehicle is not covered for material loss or damage outside the United KingdomThe UK includes England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, excluding Channel islands, Isle of Man and Gibraltar.. In other words, the Comprehensive coverage and Additional extensions are not included when driving abroad.

A successful partnership

Wakam is the risk carrier for this insurance program.

Wakam is a French company specialising in insurance solutions.

Founded in 2016, Wakam positions itself as a technology insurer, offering tailor-made insurance solutions for businesses and startups. The company stands out for its technology-driven approach, using algorithms and data to tailor insurance offerings to each customer's specific needs.

Learn more about Wakam

Qover is the insurance intermediary and manager of your contract.

Qover is the one to contact in case of questions or changes to your policy.

Qover is an insurtech that enables companies to provide seamless, tech-driven insurance experiences. Its modular embedded insurance orchestration platform covers over 4 million users across 32 European countries.

Learn more about Qover




We provide assistance if your vehicle breaks down at home or on the road.

Assistance is available in the vast majority of European countries (EU and Schengen area). Some countries that do not have an agreement or are politically unstable may not be covered. Before travelling with your vehicle, we strongly recommend that you always check on your green card whether your destination, and the countries on your route, are benefit from assistance.

Assistance includes repairing the vehicle on-site or towing it to the closest available professional garage.

In case of repatriation of the vehicle, we will provide a taxi to take you home or to the place of your choice (max. 100km from the place of immobilisation). You can also organise your own repatriation under the same conditions, but you must confirm this with us beforehand.


  • Any accommodation is at your expense.
  • Assistance is not provided in conflict zones.

This list of exclusions is not exhaustive. Please read the Terms and Conditions for more information.


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