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How to end your contract

We hope you're satisfied with InsureMyTesla.

If that's not the case, you can cancel your contract under certain conditions.


Your contract is about to expire

At any time

Your policy lasts for one year and is renewed annually. However, you can cancel it daily via email without a notice period. The cancellation will take effect at midnight on the day of your notice.

You just purchased the insurance

You may revoke your policy free of charge using the revocation form within 14 calendar days of receiving the General Conditions and policy schedule. It will take effect immediately upon notification.

The price or general conditions change

If you're not happy with the changes, can terminate the contract.

Once we inform you of the change, you have 1 month to cancel the policy by the day the change takes effect, and in any case within 1 month after the change is communicated to you. The cancellation will take effect at midnight on the day of your notice.

After a claim

You can cancel your policy within 1 month of receiving your claim reimbursement. The termination will take effect 2 months after notice of cancellation, or on the annual premium due date if it falls before the expiry of the aforementioned 1-month period.

The policyholder passed away

The contract continues for the benefit of the heirs who are obliged to pay the premium. They can cancel the policy within 9 months of becoming aware of the death. The cancellation will take effect after a period of 1 month from the notification.

You sell your Tesla

If you sell your Tesla, there is no more risk to insure. You must inform us as soon as possible (within 14 days of the sale). Your policy will then be terminated at midnight on the day of sale (if you inform us in time).

You can review more details in the General Conditions.

Terminate your contract

You need to formally notify us with a registered letter that you wish to terminate the contract. A simple email or call is not sufficient.

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