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How to terminate your contract

We're confident that you will be satisfied with InsureMyTesla.
If not, you can terminate your contract under certain conditions. See below for details on the termination date and notice period.


You just purchased insurance

You can terminate the contract within 14 days of receiving the special Policy Schedule and General Conditions without having to give a reason and the termination will be effective immediately.

The tariff or the General Conditions have been changed

You can terminate the insurance contract if we change the tariff or the General Conditions.

Once you are informed about the change, you have 1 month to terminate the contract, which will take effect 1 month after you submitted the termination.

After a claim

After you had a claim, you can terminate your policy within 1 month after receiving the claims reimbursement. The termination will take effect 3 months after the notification for termination was sent.

Your contract is about to expire

You can terminate your contract before it renews annually by submitting the termination no later than 3 months prior to the renewal date. The termination will take effect on your renewal date.

You sell your Tesla

If you don't buy another Tesla and you sell your Tesla, your contract will be terminated as there is no longer a risk to insure. If on the other hand you do buy another Tesla, your contract can be modified with this new risk.

You have to notify us at the earliest possible. Depending on the situation, termination date and notice period will vary.

The policyholder passed away

The heirs can terminate the contract within 3 months and 40 days after the death of the policyholder. This will take effect immediately. Moreover, the heir to whom the vehicle is allocated in full ownership, has 1 month to terminate from the day of the allocation.

You can review full details in the General Conditions.

Terminate your contract

You need to formally notify us with a registered letter that you wish to terminate the contract. A simple email or call is not sufficient.

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